About Shannon Kerr

My name is Shannon Kerr, married to my best friend, Jason, my "Michigan Man". We are blessed with four kids: two boys and two girls (Trenton, Braylon, Kyra-Jo, Jaydalin). We live in Lakeville, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. I live life to the fullest, enjoying close and meaningful relationships. I love to start my days with a mug of hot coffee, reading my Bible & praying. This helps me get centered before the craziness of the day begins.

Jason & Shannon Kerr

I grew up in Owatonna, Minnesota, a city about 60 miles south of the Twin Cities. My parents are very loving, creating an amazing environment while I was growing up. They were ever willing to stop and talk with my friends and I about anything. Friends always knew our door was open.

I’m the oldest child, I have 3 younger brothers, with three amazing brothers: Danny, Timmy and Michael. Now as adults, they go by Dan, Tim and Mike. Nope, I don’t call them that—they are forever my little brothers. We are a family of practical jokers, always looking for humor and fun. Just thinking about joking with my brothers makes me smile. Having three brothers taught me to be strong.  As a kid, I learned quickly how boys, like my brothers, don't talk about how they are feeling, instead they pin eachother with a nice tackle.  

Ever since I was young, I’ve been a very athletic person, growing up playing basketball and running track. I’ve always been fast on my feet, racing eagerly toward the finish line, facing any competition with great determination. I have never been one to stand by and watch someone get hurt by another person. I have always stood up for the underdog.

Jason, my husband, grew up in Michigan. I met Jason when he came to MN for college. Jason and I moved to Michigan, we started our family in Michigan. I love Michigan, fishing the great lakes and all Michigan has to offer.  We now live in Lakeville, MN.  Jason, is a strong man—strong in his faith. He felt a calling to help others and has led several mission teams to Peru. He is a giver, not a taker. He excels at running the race the Lord has given him to run. I truly respect him. Jason is always busy doing many physical activities and enjoys being outdoors. But most of all, he is a great dad. He loves going to our kids' games, coaching and hunting or fishing with them. He enjoys playing basketball, whether in a weekly pickup game or with the kids at our house. He is excellent at enjoying the moment. Oh I love that man.

Our family life is hectic, like most families. A typical day means four kids, going in four different directions, with multiple sporting events, all while running our own business. We love laughing and playing games with our kids, just being together. Whenever a Michigan sporting team comes to Minnesota, we enjoy going to the games. One of my personal favorites is date night with Jason. All 6 of us, love our church, River Valley and growing closer to Jesus.


Faith is extremely important to us as a family. Jason is an excellent guide and spiritual leader for our family. We have seen evidence of how the power of prayer works. When the accident happened, it was natural for our boys to turn to the Lord. In the blink of an eye, life as we knew it just stopped! All they could do was turn to God.

Since the accident, I have seen a change in many people I care about, as some have grown closer to Jesus and some came to have a personal relationship with Him. There are people I have never met who have been changed by hearing the story. This means a lot to me, more than I can ever say. It makes it all worth it—completely worth it!  

Everyone’s life can be tough. God’s will is what matters, not our own will. If we focus on the negative, it can destroy us. The path that our family and I have walked has been very, very difficult, very hard. We all deal with junk, we all do. So whatever path your on or bumps in your life focus on the positive.  Even if you can't see it, it’s there—you just need to look.  Call on to Jesus, He is always there for us.

Due to the accident, I have grown even closer to the Lord. I am completely open to doing whatever the Lord wants me to do. Prior to the accident, I would get nervous about the Lord’s will. Now I’m not scared. Whatever the Lord says to do, I’m in! Who are we to question God? He is our Savior.

Because of Him, I'm still very much alive and have a story of endless hope.